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The Rockhill Hermitage is a NON - PROFIT Government approved charitable foundation. It is an International Retreat centre for the practice and learning of Meditation and Buddhist Studies. It is easily accessible from Kandy, located deep within the untroubled countryside of Sri Lanka's central mountain region. The climate is mild and pleasant. Visitors are surrounded by an abundance of flora and fauna with natural spring water on site.

The Hermitage is situated on a mountainside and consists of a monastery, a men's area, a nunnery and a women's area. It has a large meditation hall.

A library and a number of caves and student houses are scattered throughout the peaceful 15-acre grounds. The name "Rockhill" refers to the impressive boulders and rocks which form some of the caves.

The Rockhill Hermitage is one of the few retreat centers in Sri Lanka where it is possible for women to live alone in small cottages within natural surroundings.

Intensive meditation courses are held for ten days at the beginning of every month. Arrangements can also be made for individual retreats of indefinite periods. The founder and teacher, Venerable P. Kassapa (Bhante) taught Vipassana Mediation and the Dhamma for more than 35 years. He teaches in English and Sinhala.

Should you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Rockhill assists both the local and international community.
  • Meditation Classes
  • Courses in Buddhism
  • Dhamma school for Children with introduction to computers
  • Meditation Retreats
  • Buddhist Funerals & Memorial Services for all nationalities
  • Intensive meditation retreats
  • Counseling
  • Traditional Buddhist Cultural Activities


The founder of Rockhill hermitage is Bhante Kassapa. In 1970, Mrs. Jinadasa generously granted him a rock cave at Wegirikanda which he renamed "Rockhill". He lived there alone whilst making visits to the local village. As the village people became familiar with him, they began coming to him seeking instruction in meditation and Buddhist practice.

Westerners also began to arrive. With the passage of time, other people (both local and western) assisted in the purchase of surrounding land until the present site became 15 acres. Whist Bhante Kassapa has traveled extensively overseas giving instruction in meditation, palliative care and Buddhist practice.

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